Courtesies & Commands


Arigato Gozaimashita : “Thank You” (for practicing with me)
Domo Arigato Gozaimashita : “Thank You” (very polite context)
Onigaishimasu : “Please” (practice with me/ teach me)
Otagai ni Rei : “Bow to your peers”
Sensei ni Rei : “Bow to the Sensei”


Hajime : Begin / Start
Kamae-To : Assume your Stance.
Men-Tore : Take off Your Men.
Men-Tsuke : Put on Your Men.
Mokuso : Meditation
Osame-To : Put away your Weapon.
Seiza : Assume Seiza, the Formal Sitting Position.
Seretsu : Line up.
Sonkyo : Assume Sonkyo, the Formal  Crouching Position.
Yame : Stop.
Yasume : Break / Rest Period.

Shomen ni Rei : “Bow to the Shomen”

Photo: Leif Almo


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