Public Holidays 2020


1 Jan - New Year's Day (Gantan)
2 Jan – Bank Holiday
3 Jan – Bank Holiday
13 Jan - Coming of Age Day (Seijin no hi)


11 Feb - National Foundation Day (Kenkoku kinen no hi)
23 Feb – Emperor´s Birthday
24 Feb – Emperor´s Birthday observed


20 Mar - Spring Equinox Day (Shumbun no hi )


29 Apr - Showa Day (Birthday of the Showa Emperor; Hirohito)


3 May - Constitution Memorial Day (Kenpo Kinenbi)
4 May - Greenery Day (Midori no hi)
5 May - Children's Day (Kodomo no hi)
3 May - Constitution Memorial Day (observed)


23 Jul - Marine Day (Umi no Hi)
24 Jul – Sports Day


10 Aug - Mountain Day


21 Sep - Respect-for-the-Aged Day (Keiro no hi)
22 Sep - Autumnal Equinox Day (Shubun no hi ) Shinto


3 Nov - Culture Day (Bunka-no-hi)
23 Nov- Labour Thanksgiving Day (Kinro Kansha no hi)


23 Dec Sun - The Emperor's Birthday (Tenno Tanjobi)
31 Dec Mon - New Years Eve (Omisoka) Bank Holiday

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