Kendo in Japan / Kagawa University Kendo Club (New film)

Kagawa University Kendo Club in Takamatsu, Japan 
Sitting from left: Guide Hiroshi Miyanishi, Manager Assistant Yoko Okabayashi, Professor Shinichi Yamagami, Hon. Consul General Leif Almo,  Business Advisor Kazuhiko Ogawa,  Director Ota Koji, Manager Takahiro Kakehi, and behind are all the brilliant kendokas of Kagawa University Kendo Club in Takamatsu.

In July 2010 was Hon. Consul General of Japan in Sweden, Mr Leif Almo who is the founder of, invited to a training and demonstration session at Kagawa University Kendo Club in Takamatsu, Japan. The training was led by Professor Shinichi  Yamagami.

“The kendo demonstrated was of an eminent standard and as I have been training kendo myself I was very impressed both by the students but also how Mr Yamagami led the training. I am very glad that I filmed the session so can show this film to other students all over the world" says Leif Almo.

Here you can see´s film “Kendo in Japan” ( Choose 360 pix to 1080 pix HD):

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