Kendo in Japan Today

In Japan today you find million of Kendo practitioners all over the country.  Kendo is taught at schools and colleges, high schools, colleges, universities, company clubs, the police districts in all the 47 prefectures as well as the Imperial Guard. And of course, in martial arts clubs.

Important role in school education

The development of a healthy body and mind through Keiko (practice) has been known in Japan for centuries. The mental and physical benefits of training Kendo as improved focus, spirit, strength, endurance and overall fitness are well known in Japan. Therefore Kendo plays an important role in school education on all levels and is also getting more popular among women. 
Major sporting events in Nippon Budokan
Modern Kendo has developed a strong sporting aspect. The Kendo Championships are major sporting events in Japan and the major championships take place in Nippon Budokan, the main arena for the national championships of Japanese martial arts.

The police Tokuren squad

Some of the best Kendoka in Japan can be found in the Police clubs.  The best are in a special practise squad, Tokuren.  The police men that are selected to train in the Tokuren squad    train kendo a minimum of four hours a day and  most of their time is spend on training.

The three major championships are:

All-Japan Championships
All-Japan University Championships
All-Japan Police Championships


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