Training with Bogu (armour)

As soon as a kendoka is ready to begin practice in Bogu (armour), a session may include any or all of the following types of practice.

Kiri-kaeshi: Warming up practice with shinai. Striking the left and right men succesively, target points in succession, practice centering, distance and correct technique, as well as developing spirit and stamina.
Waza-geiko: Technique practice in which the student learns and refines techniques of Kendo with a receiving partner.
Kakari-geiko: Attack practice. Short, intense, attack practice which teaches continuous alertness and readiness to attack.
Ji-geiko: Sparring practice. Free practice with a partner where the kendoka can try all that he/she has learnt.
Gokaku-geiko: Practice between two kendokas with equal ability.
Hikitate-geiko: Practice in which a senior kendoka guides a junior.
Shiai-geiko: Competition practice which may also be judged.

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